BETONT is a trademark. It stands for aesthetic, hand-made concrete design elements: We serve industrial customers and private households alike. We put into practice what architects, outfitters and designers create. We’re also happy to do it on our own. Employing ambition and expertise, we carry out standard tasks as well as special constructions and dare to be different. Thus, we turn visions into reality.

Concrete furniture

Concrete is our passion. This is why we make concrete furniture. Every piece is unique: Concrete living. Our mission is to create delicate, detailed solutions from this rough material. We welcome any challenge. We immerse ourselves in the subject. In your ideas and visions. And we are only satisfied, once we have found the best out of all solutions. For good ideas must fit. Fit the architecture, your personality and the material. We gladly give our all to archive this crucial bit more.

Form work

Individual elements. Large areas. Complex shapes. Entire buildings. Standard and tailor-made. Exactly according to your specifications. Or according to jointly created plans. We produce the building elements in our factory or pour the concrete directly at the construction site. Depending on the requirements of your project. In any case, you receive highly precise and perfectly fitting building elements. Delivered at the agreed date. For this is what good work means for us. Examples for the use of our formwork: Cellars, walls, ceilings, ceiling joists. Columns, stairs.

Fair-faced concrete

Specialists are needed whenever concrete is not only supposed to support but also look brilliant. That would be us. Specialists for visible concrete. We design using concrete. We give architecture the look you want. We take care of all production steps. No matter how large the project, no matter how complicated the shape. Our portfolio: Planning. Design. Material technology. Construction. Installation. You receive visible concrete. With exactly the desired texture, porosity and colour. Accurate to the last millimetre. With faultless joints. We reduce the amount of in-situ concrete to a minimum. We only pour on site when it is absolutely necessary. All other building elements are made in our factory. Pre-manufactured parts and in-situ concrete are joined perfectly and for a single unit, technically and visually. Façades, stairs, ceilings, special shapes or walls. How do we do it? Using our experience, expertise and good communication. We listen to you. We clarify all requirements towards the surface. We review your design ideas on their feasibility. Find equally convincing alternatives. And implement them once everything is clarified. In agreement with you.


We complement historical elements. Combine old and new. With visual effect or purely constructive. Upon request, destructive at first. We demolish and disassemble. Parts of your home or your business premises. After that, we create new things. In cooperation with structural engineers and architects. Betont is your partner. From demolition to finished building. You don’t have to take care of anything. We work on your existing building. Employing a maximum of sensitivity and flexibility. To make sure production processes in your company are not disrupted or that you can continue living in your home despite ongoing reconstruction. To make sure, we also work during the night. This ensures success – yours and ours.

About us

Behind every successful project there is a powerful team. Concrete is our speciality. For all other services, we rely on our partners: Architects, structural engineers, masons, painters, tilers. Collaborations that have proven their worth many times over. To implement your assignment, we either put together a competent project team or work with your partners. BETONT is happy to serve you as a general contractor or project manager and will also carry out partial tasks.


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